We have created a guide to facilitate you in the implementation of your home therapies. Inside, you will find a detailed description on the principle of use of magnetotherapy and some photos of the positioning of the solenoids on the different anatomical regions.
For more detailed information on the specific treatments of each GLOBUS Magnum model (list of programs available), refer to the User Manual supplied with your device.



Treatment indicated for:

  • cervical arthrosis-arthritis;
  • cervical articular pain;
  • cervical muscle tension.

In case of pains in the cervical area, it is recommendable to place the solenoids in an opposed position and to lie on the bed or the couch during the treatment, with the head on a pillow.


Treatment indicated for:

  • rotator cuff trauma and tendinopathy;
  • shoulder arthrosis-arthritis-articular pain;
  • shoulder edema and contusion;
  • shoulder fracture;
  • delayed fracture consolidation;

For all the problems of the shoulder it is preferable to use the opposed positioning.


Treatment indicated for:

  • forearm or elbow fractures;
  • delayed fracture consolidation;
  • forearm or elbow edema and contusion;
  • osteoporosis;
  • tendinopathy.

On the forearm, the positioning with opposed solenoids is preferable. The solenoids can also be placed on casts and braces.


Treatment indicated for:

  • carpal tunnel;
  • wrist fractures;
  • delayed fracture consolidation;
  • wrist edema and contusion;
  • wrist arthrosis-arthritis-articular pain;
  • osteoporosis.

For all wrist problems it is preferable to use the opposed positioning.


Treatment indicated for:

  • carpal-metacarpal bone fracture;
  • delayed fracture consolidation;
  • hand edema and contusion;
  • hand arthrosis-arthritis-articular pain;
  • osteoporosis.


Treatment indicated for:

  • column arthrosis-arthritis-articular pain;
  • vertebral fractures;
  • delayed fracture consolidation;
  • dorsalgia-lumbago;
  • osteoporosis.

In case vertebral column pain, solenoids are placed adjacently on the most painful areas. If the area to be treated is wide, we recommend using two bands and placing them next to each other (or using the band with 4 solenoids, which can be purchased as an accessory). During the treatment, we suggest you to lie down on the bed or the couch, to keep the solenoids blocked with your back.


Treatment indicated for:

  • hip arthritis, arthrosis, articular pain;
  • femoral neck fractures;
  • hip edema and contusion;
  • post hip prosthesis.

Regarding the hip, it is very difficult to place the solenoids in the opposed manner, so the positioning is always with adjacent solenoids.


Treatment indicated for:

  • knee arthritis-arthrosis and articular pain;
  • post knee prosthesis;
  • post ACL surgery (anterior cruciate);
  • post knee cleaning;
    thigh trauma-contusion.

On the knee, the positioning with opposed solenoids is preferable. If it’s not possible to place the band with parallel solenoids, place them next to each other above the joint or on the most painful area.


Treatment indicated for:

  • tibia and/or fibula fractures;
  • delayed fracture consolidation;
  • tibia or fibula edema and contusion;
  • osteoporosis;
  • ankle edema and contusion;
  • sprained ankle.

At the level of the tibia and the fibula it is preferable to use positioning with opposing solenoids, especially in the case of fractures and consolidation delays. At the level of the ankle it is preferable to use the positioning with opposing solenoids, one on the inside and one on the outside of the joint.


Treatment indicated for:

  • tarsus and metatarsal bone fracture;
  • delayed fracture consolidation;
  • foot edema and contusion;
  • foot arthrosis-arthritis-articular pain;
  • osteoporosis;
  • plantar fasciitis tendinopathy/pain.

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